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Streaming devices are the present on demand choice of the audience to avail entertainment. In this list of streaming devices, Roku got a preeminent place among the audience and prevails as a one stop destination to get access for wide range of entertainment contents. From Movies, sports and fashion, all the genres are covered under Roku with quality contents. So users have no need to procrastinate their schedules to see the cable subscriptions. They can select their choice and just stream anywhere and anytime simply using the

About Xfinity App on Roku

Xfinity’s actual name is the Comcast cable communications and was coined in 2010 with the market services primarily focused on cable television, telephone and other wireless services. This Comcast is now joining their hands with various equipment manufacturers to launch the Xfinity app Roku to various compatible streaming devices. Xfinity app’s aim is to provide users with various channels, cloud recordings and various video contents that are on demand.


Xfinity stream app is upgrading with different features and functionalities to deliver a great user experience for the audience. This blog is all about Xfinity app for Roku customers. Following the simple steps, Roku users can easily get the Xfinity app Roku on their TV.

 Steps for Xfinity Roku App Installation

  • Sign in to your Roku account and access the Roku channel store option in the home menu to search for the Xfinity app. Find the app from the results and then download and install on your Roku device.
  • Open the app and click ‘Get started’ to proceed with the further steps. After finishing the payment credentials step, you will receive the channel activation code on your TV.
  • Once receiving the activation code, visit the site and type your app activation code on the field. You should enter this code by using any other mobile or computer device and not from the Roku itself.
  • If you did not sign in to your Xfinity account, enter the username and password credentials and login your account. After the code activation, you will receive a message of ‘success’ on the web browser. It indicates that the Roku device will update the app.
  • In your Roku device, the loading screen will display with the terms of activation. To go to the next step of the app activation, click the ‘Yes’ option. After all these steps, the app will ask to enter the name for the device.
  • Then, the home screen for the Xfinity app Roku will turn on and now you are ready to stream the content.

The xfinity Roku app is available for most of the Roku models such as streaming players, express, express+ and in streaming sticks also. Some troubles may arise during the app installation on Roku. It is recommended to enter the channel activation code as soon as possible after receiving, as the delay may lead to the expiry of code.

If you need furthermore assistance on Xfinity app Roku, please reach us by the toll free number at +1-805-221-0380.

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