This is the annual message that the United States president presents to the Congress assembly briefing on what the whole year will be filled with in terms of National priorities. This service will take place with a 24-member seat box, having each one of them accompanied with one guest each.

George Washington was the first to deliver this speech, as said before the State union assembly. Although in 1801, Thomas Jefferson dismissed this act, because it seemed to have a monarchical effect and then was formally made more public.  To Stream Donald Trump State of The Union Live, Roku has brought about certain easy steps.

State Of The Union Address

State Of The Union Address

Free Channels Which Streams State of the Union Address – Donald Trump

Some of the channels that have the state union speech freely to stream are available on Roku and  you can select the one that you like and start streaming right away.

List of un-paid versions:

  1. The Newsmax
  2. Newsy (news show)
  3. The Cheddar’s news
  4. ABC News (best current affairs)
  5. CNNgo Sky News
  6. The Yahoo!
  7. CBS News

To Stream State of The Union Live, Roku is offering some of its best channels just for the speech on free view. These channels are CNN Go, CBS.

Other channels:

  • Sling TV
  • Plat Station Vue
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Fubo TV

Stay tuned and do not miss the inspirational speech set to air on Tuesday Jan 29.

In order to have these channels, you will need a basic paid subscription already that is going on. If not, just get them paid, after looking through their lists of other shows.

How To Stream State Of Union 2019 on Roku?

The channels lists are  available for your reference and you can select the one you like. Once you opt for the channel, do these basic steps to have the channel on your streaming device.

If you want to Stream State of The Union Live, Roku has few procedures done to get it on your home TV.

  1. Install the Roku on your TV.
  2. Finish all the process with the 4 green dots on top of Roku activation screen.
  3. Now move to the STORE, either the Channel store or the Roku store.
  4. Pick out any of the Roku News channel from this place.
  5. Expand its tab on your Roku activated device.
  6. This will direct you to an activation page.
  7. This page will give you provide you Activation/Verification code.
  8. Carry on with the necessary steps that accompany aftermath.

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