Roku Live TV App

Roku has been at the crux of every entertainment since its inception. It whipped up a storm by revolutionizing online streaming. Here is a whole industry that is now competing to find their own streaming space. The best part about streaming TV, find your content and play it immediately. While that may be true for on-demand content, what about live TV? Roku has an answer to that too. There are several apps (Live TV app) available on the Roku that you can surf through. For those who are in between cord cutting and streaming, here is the perfect solution to build your confidence. The thrill of live sports, reality TV and live news is all packaged in these apps.

Live TV App on Roku

Channel bundles on Roku that offer live TV are as follows.

Watch Live TV App on Roku

Watch Live TV App on Roku

Sling TV

Time and again, Sling TV on Roku has proven to be a premier choice with cord cutters. This is because of its ability to offer what cable TV does at probably a quarter of the price. There is a wide range of selection in here, as far as live TV is concerned. Starting at just $25 per month, Sling offers two different packages in the colors Blue and Orange. While both of them cost the same, the Blue package contains more number of channels. This affordable service provides live TV channels such as TNT, TBS and AMC all in their base package.

DirecTV Now

Watch all the live sports, on-demand and premium content on AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW video streaming service. Besides live TV, the service offers popular blockbuster movies on select devices such as Roku players and TVs. Basically, there are four different tiers to choose from. The LIVE A LITTLE package has about 60+ channels and costs around $35 per month. Get the JUST RIGHT package for about $50 per month that covers more than 80 channels. Thereafter, you have the GO BIG package that has more than 100 channels to offer and costs about $60 per month. Finally, there is the GOTTA HAVE IT package that is priced at $70 per month and has more than 120 channels on it. Choose any one of them to watch live TV on the Roku.

Hulu with Live TV

This is another must-have on the Roku. Hulu with Live TV, in particular caters, to the live TV segment. With this addition, users can enjoy not just live but on-demand programming as well. You can also watch local channels from specific areas on Hulu with Live TV. Starting at just $39.99, users get access to Hulu’s vast library of content and with limited advertising interferences.

Philo TV

Philo TV is an all-time favorite with the viewers. With over 40 channels to offer, the service costs a mere $16 per month. At this rate users can also watch on-demand content besides live TV. Although, the channel cuts down on expensive sports channels to arrive at that pricing. The MAIN Screen of the channel itself features the TRENDING LIVE category for live TV.

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