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There are different types of Roku remotes that accompany different Roku players. For instance, you will get a standard remote when you purchase a Roku Express and an advanced one for the Roku Ultra. So what are the features specific to each of these remotes? And what are the other things that you must know about your Roku remote? Read on to find out what your remote has in store for you.

Types of Roku remotes and their features

Standard IR remote

  • A standard remote will accompany the following Roku devices,
    1. Roku LT
    2. Roku HD, XD and XDS
    3. 1st gen Roku
    4. 2nd gen Roku
    5. 3rd gen Roku
    6. Roku Express
    7. Roku Express+
  • This remote has a very sleek design and fits in your hand perfectly
  • The controls are simple and easy to use with a few channel shortcuts
  • It is lightweight and a replacement will cost just around $15

Roku Remote 

Streaming Stick voice remote

Like the name suggests, this is the remote that accompanies the Streaming Stick and the Streaming Stick Plus Roku devices. This remote is very similar to the standard remote except for a few additional features.

  • Make use of voice commands to search for your favorite content
  • In addition, there are volume and power buttons that control your TV
  • Because of these additional features, it costs around $20 as a replacement

Enhanced voice remote

  • When you bring home a Roku 4, Premiere, Premiere+ or Ultra you can enjoy the benefits of the enhanced remote.
  • Notable features include voice search, private listening, remote finder and gaming buttons
  • Handle this remote with care as a replacement will cost you as much as a new Roku Express ($30)

Gaming remote

  • The gaming remote is compatible only with the second and third generation Roku players
  • Special features of this remote are gaming buttons and motion control support
  • This remote has to be purchased as an additional accessory and available from Roku for around $30 each

Common issues that occur with these remotes

Are you facing the “Roku remote not working” issue? We have some tips that will help you out here. But before you begin, identify your remote type and follow instructions accordingly. Alternatively, download and install the Free Roku Mobile App on your mobile devices which will act as a remote to control your streaming player.

Call us for help in troubleshooting your Roku remote on our toll-free number +1-805-221-0380. Visit our website and get to know about your Roku streaming player in detail. We are also available on our 24/7 helpline for Roku assistance.

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