Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

The inimitable is 1080p-proficient Roku Streaming Stick 3800R comes with a great app variety. Besides, it possesses broader search features than the predecessors, and comes with a handy remote. One of the most interesting features is its customizable interface. This hassle-free gadget is moderately-priced with a significantly improved remote control. Accomplish the Roku Streaming Stick 3800R setup to get some incremental and useful updates periodically over the content that you are already watching.

Roku Streaming Stick 3800r Setup

Roku Streaming Stick 3800r Setup

Features of the 3800R

  • With more than 75,000 free entertainment choices, the device offers 500,000 PLUS TV Shows and movies.
  • It launches channels quickly and facilitates smooth channel browsing and navigation
  • An intuitive interface lets you search easily across some of the most popular content in just a few minutes
  • For both the Android and the iOS, the device presents apps that come with greater flexibility and attribute
  • Additionally, the device is portable, and can easily be hidden into your entertainment center without cluttering the space
  • The player displays app compatibility to VUDU, HBO, HBO Go, iTunes, Twitter, Hulu on Roku, Amazon Video and much more
  • With a voice-capable remote, this player can also control your TV volume with it

Roku Streaming Stick 3800R Setup

  • Take the remote controller, Streaming Stick, power adapter, batteries for the remote and the USB power cable out of the box along with the QUICK START GUIDE
  • Plug the 3800R into an HDMI input on the TV and identify the port that you have plugged it into
  • If there are space restrictions on the TV, then use the free extended HDMI Cable to plug the device in
  • Turn the TV on and look for the INPUT button on the TV’s controller and press it
  • Thereafter, power up the Roku Streaming Stick using the enclosed power adapter and USB power cable

Note: The small end goes into the player

  • A GREEN LIGHT appears on the Roku indicating that its power is on and the Roku Logo starts filling the TV Screen
  • Position the batteries into Roku’s remote correctly, seat them firmly and look for a flashing light on the controller
  • This means, you can now pair it with the device
  • Once it is paired, you will automatically switch to the LET’S GET STARTED screen

Screen Setup and Navigation

  • The LET’S GET STARTED screen lets you choose the language of your preference

Note: This screen also decides the language in which you wish all your text to be displayed

  • The WIRELESS SCAN screen appears attempting to connect the player to the network
  • Choose your network’s SSID and enter the password
  • After connecting to the network, you will get a Roku Activation Code that has to be entered at

Precautions During the Setup

  • Always ensure that all your cable connections to the devices are secure
  • The remote batteries should be oriented correctly for the gadget to function
  • You must have a smart TV to accomplish setup and connectivity of the Roku
  • If the Roku remote does not pair the first time you try, then press the pairing button again till it gets paired
  • Preferably, connect the adapter directly to an outlet on the wall to ensure uninterrupted power

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