Privacy policy

We collect some information from you knowingly and unknowingly for which we provide you the reasons also in this privacy policy. Get to know them before you start browsing We do not assume any guarantee regarding the topics that we give you here.

The data that we collect when you reach out to us

Your name, email Id and the number from which you call are the information we usually collect. The situation depends on other additional data. In addition, we also collect non-personal data such as the ISP you are using, the channels you have subscribed to, and many more that are again dependent on the call situation.

Methods that we use the data

Such details are used to maintain our customers ‘ records. Unless and unless there is a very good reason, we will not provide any information.

Usage of the cookies

You can choose to alert your machine any time a cookie is sent or all cookies can be switched off. The settings of your browser make this happen. See the Help menu of your app for the right way to change your cookies, because the browser is slightly different. If you disable cookies, some of the features that make your website more efficient may not work properly.

To boost your search options, we use cookies. Once you sign in, we will also set up multiple cookies to store your login information and view options on your computer. For screen options, two days of login cookies and one year’s cookies are last. If you select “Remember Me,” you can keep your login for two weeks. When you log out of your account, the login cookies will be deleted.

Non-disclosure agreement is an independent service provider that guarantees that no customer information but partners and companies can help us manage our service center. In addition, the data will only be made available in accordance with the law if necessary.

Changes that we make in the privacy policy will continue to change the privacy policy as amended. Upon browsing, it is up to the user to read the terms and conditions. If any of the policy changes are unsatisfactory, you can browse to other websites that provide your privacy policy of choice. The changes in the privacy policy, however, will never affect our customers ‘ safety.