Jailbreaking Roku

To put it simply, Roku downloads video content through apps or subscribed channels to display them on to your TV. While the device does accommodate a host of apps and channels, there are some that just aren’t supported on the Roku.com/link, such as Kodi. A free, open-source media player, Kodi comes with a variety of possibilities allowing users to play music, videos, podcasts and much more from the internet. You need to Jailbreak Roku to enjoy all the features of this Kodi app.

Is kodi Can be Install  on Roku?

Kodi is not compatible with the Roku device and officially, there is no way the software can gain acceptance into the streaming media player. While Kodi itself is a legal-use software, on a variety of other devices, there are some third-party add-ons that are not considered entirely safe and therefore, cannot be featured on the Roku platform. This is where Roku’s stringent and appreciative regulations apply.

How To Get Kodi on Roku

How To Jailbreak Roku

How To Jailbreak Roku

Although it might seem like a dead-end, there is way in which you can get Kodi, Jailbreak Roku. It is also recommended to get a good VPN to counter any privacy threats. All your traffic remains encrypted and safe with VPN. Kodi is also the best available software for streaming, which is highly flexible and usable on practically any mobile device. While technically Jailbreaking the Roku is not possible, you can find other ways to run it on the streaming media player.

Screen mirroring

Mirror your screen and cast Kodi from your mobile to the Roku screen. In fact, the experience is stunning. The casting is so impeccable that you will forget that you are actually watching your screen out of a mobile.

  • On the Roku. First, turn on screen mirroring by pressing HOME and then going to SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> SCREEN MIRRORING
  • Click on the command next to the SCREEN MIRRORING option ALWAYS ALLOW
  • If you leave on PROMPT, then there may be some additional menus you may have to access

Android screen mirroring

  • From the Google play store on your Android search KODI
  • Click on it and you will get an INSTALL option
  • Allow the installation process to complete and a shortcut will appear on the app tray
  • Depending on the brand, you may have to click as follows to mirror the screen





Google Android





  • CAST

Jailbreak Roku – Casting from the devices


  • From the app tray, open the settings and then from the DEVICE option choose DISPLAY
  • Under the DISPLAY menu you will find any one of the above screen mirroring options at the bottom
  • Now, you should visualize your Roku device on the network
  • Once you find it, click on it to cast


  • Download Kodi from https://kodi.tv/ and then choose WINDOWS
  • Select the Kodi INSTALLER (32BIT) and your download should begin automatically
  • Locate kodi-17.5-Krypton-x86.exe from your DOWNLOADS folder on the Windows OS
  • Note: The file name also depends on the version of release
  • Double-click to open and then click on I AGREE and then on NEXT
  • After installation completes open the CONTROL CENTER and select PROJECT
  • Choose the display as connected to the Roku device

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