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Setting up and activation of the Roku involves a crucial process that ideally ascertains the player’s connection to the HDMI. This is a decisive appendage that helps stream content picked up by the Roku from the internet on to the TV. To perform this hardware process, users must ensure that all their devices are available on the same network.

Follow the Onscreen Activation

HDTV Connection

  • Look for the HDMI port on the TV and if you are using a 4K and HDR TV then, you can choose to stream your media through an available HDMI port compatible with HDCP 2.2 (
  • Messages displayed during the installation process will determine the correctness of the input
  • If the support goes undetected, then an ABOUT YOUR HDMI CONNECTION screen appears with some outlined remedial actions

Connect Roku to Powerline Adapter

  • For the best streaming experience, it is recommended to connect the player directly to the power supply
  • Accomplish this by using the included power adapter, the extender to connect to a power outlet directly, ora USB power cable
  • Next, turn the TV on and watch as the screen displays or switches the input ports on the TV
  • Browse to learn how to choose the appropriate input

Battery and Remote

  • Open the cover for the batteries on the remote and insert them
  • Before you place the batteries inside, verify the ends
  • If you are unable to pair the remote then, you may want to use an HDMI extender cable

Activate Roku

  • To link the Roku into your account preferably, use a computer and not a smartphone
  • These instructions should be seen on the TV screen as you try to activate your streaming Roku player Derived No Video

  • Even after completing all the steps, if you are unable to see any video on the TV along with the audio.
  • Then, you may want to retrace your setup and installation steps once again
  • Ensure that the Roku has a direct connection to the TV and not through any of the AVRs or Audio/Video receivers or soundbars
  • Remove all of these and then, turn the TV on to press a random button on the Roku’s remote control
  • The device should not be on screensaver or standby to perform troubleshooting

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Ascertain Input

  • It is not unusual to select the wrong input source on the TV
  • On the television, input sockets are available on the rear side or on one of its sides from where gaming consoles, Roku players and other cable boxes are connected
  • Check the labeling of the source or input you have selected and verify if it is compatible with the Roku player
  • Change inputs based on the TV’s brand
  • For this, you may also want to check the manual for instructions

Troubleshoot No Video Issues

  • Look for the SOURCE/AUX, VIDEO or TV/VIDEO button on the remote control of the TV and press it
  • Allow it to switch across the input choices and then, press your choice
  • Sometimes, you may have to use the arrow buttons for choosing the input and then, press SELECT or ENTER
  • Subsequently, try pressing into each of the inputs
  • In both of the above processes, you can keep selecting till you do not see a NO SIGNAL DETECTED or a NO VIDEO message

troubleshoot no video issue

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