How To Troubleshoot “Red Light Flashing” and “Low Power Warning” Issues on Roku –

Why are you getting Low Power Issue on Roku –

Roku streaming device has got a major role in global streaming services. With its wide range of quality shows and extensive features, it has grabbed a huge number of potential users. In streaming this device, occasionally the user may have situations in facing some issues with the Roku device connection or any other features. You can get some basic solutions by altering the internet connection settings for activation code issues.

Roku is continuously pouring efforts to offer their audience with high-quality content by adding state of the art features and comprehensive performance for the device. Various other streaming companies are also offering myriad contents like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. In the end, through any platform, the ultimate objective is to get access to numerous channels of different categories. All the new Roku users should check out whether their AVR cable supports the HDCP technology or not to evade the unauthorized HDCP Roku trouble (

But troubles related to power for the device has to focus with some extra care. Whether it is a streaming device or Roku stick, it is obligatory to have enough amount of power to start the device. It is easy to turn on the streaming device by connecting to the USB slot. But in some cases, the USB slot is not able to supply enough power for the device to function. Running on low power can cause other crashing and instability related issues. The low power issue is divided into two categories called,

  • Red Light Flashing
  • Low Power Warning

In this blog, we are going to give you some insights on how to deal with this low power troubles on the Roku device. You can get online steps by visiting the link.

Red Light Flashing

  • At the face of the Roku streaming player, there is a light indication. In the normal conditions, this light is usually in white color or off. And it flashes for every press from the remote control with the device.
  • Now, if this light indication is glowing in red color, then it means your Roku device is running out of power. If it is even more solid red flash, then it signifies the device is in overheating condition.
  • At such condition like overheating, you have to turn off your Roku device and unplug from the power slot immediately.

Low Power Alert

Low Power Alert

If the Roku streaming player is getting insufficient power from the supply or TV is not providing nominal power to the Roku stick, then the user will receive this low power alert message. Follow the below ideas to careen this issue.

  • In the first place, check out whether you are using the original USB cable got from the Roku device package.
  • If it is the original one, try out to insert it with other available ports. In addition to all this, use the power adaptor to link the stick or player to the working outlet. This kind of linking will reduce the chances for power shortage.

Simple Solution To Fix Low Power Issue

These are some simple steps to resolve the low-power issue. But it is always better to consult the technical expert to get rid of additional troubles.

  • Always use the original USB cable packed in your Roku device package, because using any other cable cannot operate with efficiency, so that it may cause power issues.
  • Use the power and power adaptor in your package and connect the player or stick to an external power slot. In this case, also don’t ever use any other adapter than the original Roku power adapter.

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