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Spend your free time streaming DirecTV Now channel and you will never get bored with your day to day routine jobs.  To watch the interesting program collections you must activate it first on your streaming device. The step or guidelines are really easy if you read and understand the channel activation steps.

On-demand movies and TV programs available preferred by most of the entertainment lovers and they are free to choose the best one that they like.  Start the channel activation right away and do not miss the best opportunity to stream the DirecTV Now Roku channel.

Start DirecTV Now Activation Via Roku

To begin with the DirecTV Now Roku channel activation, choose the best streaming device model and then complete the initial or guided setup process. The very next step will prompt you to add the channel from the store. Go to the store, start your search and wait for the search results. Choose the channel name.

Clicking on the Add channel option will help to add the channel to the account. Go to the respective page and then provide the respective code when prompted. After you type the code just proceed with the remaining set of instructions.

DirecTV Now -

DirecTV Now –

DirecTV Now Live Subscription Packages

The channel is also available as a part of the live channel subscription package. Get the package and start paying the respective charges. You can choose the one with low cost and save your money to a greater extent. Check out the DirecTV now channels available with the package and you are free to choose the best one.

Create a DirecTV Now account for Live streaming

To access the contents live you can create a DirecTV account and then login with the DirecTV now login credentials. Double check if you use the right credentials for creating the account. Make sure that you provide valid data for account creation.

Download the Mobile App

Streaming from the mobile device becomes much easier if you download the compatible app visiting the store. Just visit the store and start your search.  As the results appear, select the DirecTV Now App and then tap on the download tab.

If you are stuck while you proceed with the DirecTV now activation errors suggest you resolve it immediately or else the streaming process will get affected. The troubleshooting steps always depend upon the type of the error that popup.

Stay tuned and enjoy watching the best programs on DirecTV Now channel and it is sure that you will never feel bored streaming. Top and the best program collections to stream on the channel include Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, True detective and lot more. Read the reviews to choose the best show that you like.

Complete the channel activation and start watching the best programs you like. Users who require further guidance to complete the channel activation can contact our support executives. Ringing the toll-free +1-805-221-0380 or visit will help to reach our agents. Our support team can offer you the required guidance anytime.

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