Do you have kids at your home? Encourage them to watch Cartoon Network channel and there are a lot of shows that your kids will surely love watching. Start the channel activation if you have a streaming device and we are here to guide you to activate the channel and suggest the top entertaining shows on the channel.

Cartoon Network Roku

Cartoon Network Roku

Best cartoons to watch on Cartoon Network Roku

Once you activate the cartoon network Roku channel it offers a lot of interesting cartoons that include We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go, Power Puff Girls, Justice League Action, Uncle Grandpa, Transformers, Peanuts, Over the Garden wall, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Adventure time and a lot more.

Cartoon Network Games

  • The channel offers the top cartoon network games
  • You will never end up bored during your free time

Ben 10 games – Activate Cartoon Network

  • It is the adventurous and most entertaining game
  • Ten-Year-Old Ben gains the power to destroy evil
  • Your favorite heroes Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson are on the action with their supernatural powers
  • Check out other adventurous cartoon network games on the channel such as We bare Bear and Adventure time


Boomerang games are free on cartoon network and include

  • Dress up games
  • Spot the Difference
  • Road Trip
  • Tom and Jerry Show
  • Chasing Jerry
  • Looney Tunes, Scooby doo games and a lot more BOOMERANG

Though there are new shows and games on the channel old cartoon network shows are equally encouraging and you can never  forget the most  watched  collections   such as A Friend in Need, Power puff girls, Dexters Laboratory and a few more

How to train your dragon games cartoon network

It is another popular game on your cartoon network channel and you can start training your dragon. The journey to the vast lands with the dragon is amazing and its time to explore the science filled world that is full of discoveries.

Apart from entertainment the games always improve the learning and problem-solving skills of your kids.

How to get Cartoon Network Channel on Roku? –

If you have the channel activated already select the best cartoons and online games. For activating the channel we have the channel activation guide

  • Choose the best streaming device and connect it to the network
  • If the device is new you need to start some of the preliminary setup steps that include the display and language selection
  • Navigate to the store to add the cartoon network channel and you can  find it under the category, Movies and TV
  • From your mobile device  go to the page
  • Now type the channel activation code in the space that is visible on the screen to activate the channel

Encourage your kids to watch the latest episodes of the cartoon shows updated on the channel. If you have the channel activated already on your device just find out the favorite show that your kids love the most.

To know the cartoon network activate steps and to get the channel activation assistance ring the support number at +1-805-221-0380 or visit

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