Activate ESPN on Roku

Get live streaming access to ESPN Networks, shows, and live events including content exclusive to ESPN+ subscribers when you activate ESPN on Roku( All instructions pertaining to channel activation, adding ESPN to the CHANNEL STORE to watch live as well as on-demand broadcasts of sporting events and other networks.

Qualification for ESPN

  • With three levels of service on the ESPN app, Roku services live streaming of around 8 network in the U.S.
  • These include ESPN 1, 2, and 3 along with ESPNU and NEWS and DEPRTES.
  • The SEC NETWORK and LONGHORN NETWORK are also available
  • Even on-demand access to popular ESPN shows are available with full streaming episodes
Activate ESPN on Roku

Activate ESPN on Roku

Pay TV Provider Subscriptions

  • For those who subscribe to a provider, live streams of all ESPN network across the United States will be available
  • Users can stream on-demand as well as live with the access
  • There are also some other streaming services such as DirecTV Now and Sling TV that offer ESPN as part of their package
  • Roku users subscribed to these streaming services will get ESPN anyway
  • Install and activate ESPN on Roku to link the service to your PAY TV provider’s credentials


  • Watch on-demand programming, original content as well as live sports with a subscription to ESPN+
  • Get sports scores, watch video highlights, features, analysis, clips and other news even if you are a cord cutter and do not subscribe to the pay TV or ESPN+ service

Unlisted Provider

  • If your provider is not listed, then you may not be able to watch shows that are aired by ESPN
  • This is also because ESPN on Roku does not offer standalone subscriptions
  • With this, you may not be qualified to watch ESPN+ or any other ESPN Network
  • Additionally, if you are a low-tier TV subscriber, ESPN will not be included in the package
  • Also, the live streams for the channel will remain deactivated at such low rates

ESPN on Roku

  • Users can append ESPN both on Roku TV as well as Roku players.
  • For this purpose, utilize the commands available on the device or perform the steps on the computer or mobile
  • Whatever method you adopt, you will still be able to stream the channel on the Roku
  • Installing
  • Go to the SPORTS section of your Roku interface and look for the ESPN tile
  • You will find the menu under the STREAMING CHANNELS category on the home screen
  • Alternatively, searching for the channel on the Roku is relatively easy due to the presence of a powerful search application
  • From the HOME screen, select the SEARCH option and in the field enter the words ESPN
  • Even as you are done typing, the results will appear
  • Just highlight the channel name and select OK
  • Proceed to ADD CHANNEL and then press OK
  • When you return back to Roku’s main home screen, you will see ESPN there at the bottom of the tile list

On the Computer Browser

  • Installing ESPN on Roku through the web browser is also extremely user-friendly
  • From the Roku website, add the WATCHESPN channel
  • Here, you may also be asked to log in to your Roku account

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