America’s Test Kitchen

Media streaming shows are telecast in various genres, but a set of the audience is there, who are eager to watch cookery shows. America’s test kitchen is a show which primarily focuses on various cooking styles and methods of America’s famous food recipes. With their interesting way of teaching the cooking methods, they grabbed a huge number of followers for their shows. In addition to the normal shows, they are also offering different courses by experts who are developing foolproof recipes.

With their unique step by step approach, people can easily grasp the ‘how to’ techniques within a few shows. Their courses cover from level zero which are required to make scrumptious nourishments and they are also updating their new list of recipes. In this blog, you are going to get some insights about how to activate America’s test kitchen on Roku device.

Activate America's Test Kitchen on Roku

Activate America’s Test Kitchen on Roku

Activate America’s Test Kitchen on Roku Steps

This section will explain you about how to install the channel in a step by step way.

  • To start with the activation steps, first, ensure that you have done all the initial requirements for the channel installation. Like setting up the individual Roku account, TV display settings, and language and location features in the device.
  • After the initial steps, turn on your Roku device and sign in to your account. You can see a home screen of Roku log with a list of options. To install a selective channel on your device, you can choose either of the two methods.
  • One is to search for America’s test kitchen channel by directly entering the channel name in the search bar of the channel store. Another method is to search under the food category option.

Select the channel in any of the two ways, and it will redirect towards the channel homepage.

  • In the channel homepage, look for ‘Add channel’ option nearby the channel logo and select it. Your Roku device will automatically start the download process of the channel package. Wait for few minutes until the installation of channel package.
  • After the channel installation without any error, you will receive the activation code on your TV display. Enter this activation code on America’s test kitchen channel activation page and at the end, click the submit button.

Activate America’s test kitchen on Roku and start streaming in a few minutes to enjoy your favorite food shows.

Channel Updates

With interesting cast members for every episode, they are making the show not only focused on cooking methods but also filled with a lot of entertainment too. Dan Souza, Erika Bruce, Bryan Roof are the main members who are preparing and explaining each recipe and cooking techniques. As the show watchers are multiplying in rapid numbers, they are broadcasting the cookery shows in increasing number of seasons.

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