Go.roku.com/rss account activation for Roku is pretty easy if you follow the steps outlined in the below steps.

How to activate your Roku account in go.roku.com/rss?

Roku Streaming Stick Activation:

  1. Open your web browser on your laptop/computer for activating roku account using go.roku.com/rss.
  2. Search Roku.com/link in “google.com” or “bing.com
  3. Provide the Roku Activation code on the page and hit submit.
  4. For existing users, activate your device.
  5. Provide your go.roku.com/rss login credentials and login your account.
  6. New users can create a new Roku account from the Roku login page.

How to create a Roku account:

  1. New users  can create a new roku.com link account for go.roku.com/rss doing the following
    • Open https://my.roku.com/link
    • Click on “create new account”
    • Provide your first and last name in the registration form.
    •  Type your email address.
    • Create a password to protect your Roku account.
    • Verify the password.
  2. Create a PIN to authenticate your purchase at roku.com/link activation
  3. Select your payment method.
  4. Also, provide your card details to create your account.


How to add channels on go.roku.com/rss and do Channel activation?

Users can purchase various channels from Roku channel store and will be able to watch TV shows, movies and a lot other activities through Roku channels without zero cost.

Get hassle-free help in setting up your Roku streaming Device.

Dial +1-805-221-0380 

and get aid in activating your Roku player at www.roku.com/link or visit my.roku.com/link.

Activate your Roku streaming device

Activating your streaming device is easy if you execute the guidelines on our webpage. To start with, you must gather all the essential requisites such as Roku.com/link account and good speed network connection.

To begin with the streaming device activation procedure

Firstly for the activation process all you have to do is to hook up the necessary cables and establish a good speed network connection. As you power on the device, you will be prompted to complete the guided setup process (Language and display selection).

Top Roku streaming device brands available

There are lot of roku streaming gadget brands accessible and setup procedure remains the same. Check out the list of the latest Roku streaming device available.

1. Roku ultra
2. Roku express
3. Premiere
4. Roku Express Plus
5. Roku premiere plus
6. Roku Streaming Stick

Link the streaming device to your account

  • Once you complete the process create a Roku account and use the activation code that is displayed on your TV screen.
  • Log in to the page Roku.com/link and type the code that is displayed on your device screen to link the streaming device.
  • Going further, login and navigate to the channel store to add your favorite channels.
  • There are two channels types (Paid and free channels).
  • To add the free channel, tap on the add channel option.

Troubleshoot the Roku streaming device setup errors

What if you come across errors while streaming the device?

Execute the troubleshooting tips available if you come across any errors activating the device. Here are some of the most common tips to overcome the errors.

  • Perform a quick restart of your device( Use the settings>system >system restart to restart the device).
  • Ensure that you complete all the channel activation steps and do not miss any of the steps.
  • Navigate to the respective page and provide the required information for creating a new account
  • Place the streaming device close to the router to avoid the signal interference. Make sure that you do not connect multiple streaming devices to the router.
  • Look for the correct input selection on back of your TV. HDMI1, HDMI2 and other inputs will be mentioned on the player.
  • Make sure the connection is firm and there is no issue with the input cable.
  • You can also cross verify by connecting your player to a different TV.
  • Using the wireless range extenders can improve the signal strength to a greater extent.
  • Check the ethernet cable to troubleshoot the wired network connection and substitute the existing ethernet cable with a new one.
  • Cross check the version of the software you are using and in case it is the old version try updating the software version with the new one.
  • Also, perform a system update using the settings >system >system update.


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